KaMIT secure file transfer

KaMIT secure file transfer

KaMIT has made public our secure file transfer solution based on PsiTransfer open source solution. It is a simple and open source file sharing utility used to share our files locally or globally. It's an alternative to paid services like Dropbox and WeTransfer.

Using encrypted file transfer and secure file transfer protocols safeguards sensitive information and helps avoid data breaches. 
A secure file transfer service ensures that your files are guarded at rest and in motion and arrive at their destination unscathed.

It is actually a in-house self-hosted file sharing platform so that you can access or share your files from anywhere, using any Internet-enabled device. All you need is just a web browser to access or share your stuffs. Want to have your own server in-house with your own company branding and domain name? send us an e-mail on support@kamit.no for price on installing and configuration.

How is the files we send saved

The files uploaded to our server are saved as long you set the retention period. If you set it to one week (default) the file(s) will be deleted after one week.
The files are encrypted on the server and can not be viewed by other than the receiver.

How to send files

  • navigate in a web browser on any device to https://file.kamit.no to access the secure file transfer application
The GUI of KaMIT secure file transfer application
  • To add file, drop your file in the files rectangle or hit the plus sign to browse for files. Set the required ¬†settings:
do all your settings and hit upload
  • When done click upload to upload the selected files to our server located in our data center. The password is by default off. You can however set your own password or click the KEY symbol to generate a random password for the file(s). The receiver must then log in to reveal and download the file(s).
Uploading files via encrypted SSL to KaMIT server
  • Send the link to the receiver on mail, chat, phone so they can download the file(s) you uploaded.
  • When the receiver or you open the link the download site will open and allow you or the receiver to download the file(s). If you did password protect the link you or the receiver will have to insert the password to get to the download site.
password prompt if you have password protected the file(s).
  • After entering password or if you did not password protect the file(s) you will be presented the download site
  • Here you can download the file(s). The receiver can also send files back to you by starting a new upload.

KaMIT secure file transfer Features

Concerning about features, we can list the following:

  • No account or login required.
  • Upload single or multiple files at once.
  • Upload very big files.
  • Resume upload or download.
  • Download files as zip/tar.gz archive.
  • Set an expire-time for your upload bucket.
  • One-time downloads.
  • Password protected download list.
  • Mobile friendly responsive interface.
  • Free and Open Source.
  • And more.